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What is Vintage Duels?

Vintage Duels is an "Exclusive" Form of "Oval Track Racing" Where Some of the West's Best Dwarf Car Drivers Test Their Iron in 1-1 Double Elimination
Dirt Track Duels. 

History & Vision

In 1995 the Ernie Purcell Speedway closed at the Nevada County Fairgrounds for good, leaving the community of Nevada County without any beloved dirt racing whatsoever. Not only has it been 25 years since a modern dirt race ran in the county, but historically racing in Nevada County dates back to the 1800's. The Glenbrook Raceway, once located where Safeway now stands was once a thriving horse and auto race track. The Glenbrook Track was a place where miners, their families, and citizens of both Grass Valley and Nevada City gathered for excitement and community socializing.

It was the go-to spot! 

Brunswick Basin Race Cars1.jpg

Glenbrook Raceway

Grass Valley, Ca. 

Many people have tried through the years to bring dirt racing back to Nevada County, but have been unsuccessful. Until recently, when Grass Valley born and bred, Patrick Weger, a champion in the class of Dwarf car racing, finally achieved what most people thought impossible.


Vintage Duels is Patrick's vision for not only the return of dirt racing but for seeding future racing events in Nevada County. With Pat's blood, sweat and tears, and the approval of this initial boutique racing event by the Nevada County Fair board, it is now a long-awaited reality. Please join us on Friday, October 4th, 2019 for this historic event, and help support the return of dirt racing to the people and ancestors of Nevada County! 

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