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Welcome Racers!

Outlaw Karts & Mini Trucks
August 11, 2021
Nevada County Fairgrounds Arena
Racing Starts 7PM - 9PM


Outlaw Karts Box Stocks
(Age 5+)

Outlaw Karts Open 500

Online Registration
Begins 12PM (noon)
Saturday, July 10, 2021

Racers Please Read Before Registering!

The fairgrounds arena and lot is not a race-track. Our track is custom built for each race. This race is also unusual, because it's classified as a "fair event" with time and size constraints unlike standard race-tracks. These conditions are out of our control. However, we appreciate the opportunity to bring racing to Nevada County under any circumstances. We hope you will join us in this endeavor!

What race conditions to expect.

1. Track surface is mostly decomposed granite making it more sandy than standard clay.

2. The track will be roughly 800 feet in diameter. It will be a bit larger than photo below. 

3. The track will have mild banking. We're working hard on making this a very smooth surface for an exciting and safe race!

4. The format and pace may vary slightly from a regular program, due to time constraints. With our limited car count all racers will participate in hot laps, heats and A-main events. The Outlaw races will run approximately 90 minutes.

5. Pit area will be very tight. Please bring your necessary cars and trailers only. We understand many of you have large trailers, but any streamlining is appreciated. Thank you. 

6. Only 24 slots from each class will be accepted. First come. First serve.
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Vintage Duels Track 2019

Pit entry is for racers, crew and entourage only. The pits will be closed to the general public. A $40 pit entry fee is required for each additional person to be paid at the pit gate by CASH ONLY. Racers will pay in advance through registration. No refunds. All sales final.!! 

Racers, crew and entourage are not allowed to access the arena or fairgrounds unless separate tickets are purchased for the Fair and event. You must purchase a fair entry ticket in order to buy an event ticket. You can purchase advance tickets to the fair and racing "arena" event" Here. We apologize for any inconvenience, however this is out of our contractual control. We advise bringing food and water. Porta Potty's will be onsite.
Pit Gates Open at 3PM
Pit Entry Minimum Age 5+
Pit entrance is on Brighton St. Grass Valley, Ca. 95949

Good luck!


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